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Big Al
Balancing Act

Quickly becoming one of the most interesting rappers in the Gospel music game, his lyrics are biblically sound, making them relevant for listeners across generations. As an educator and a family man, this youth pastor expresses God's word in a way that is palatable to the teens in his local church. His expressions are clear cut, and his methods are practical. The man we've just described is none other than; Big Al.

CDThe Balancing Act is the second installment in his Act series, and as the title implies; balance is the name of the game this go round. If, as many have said, "balance is the key to life", this CD will unlock a serious world of abundant life with 16 bold tracks filled with life, energy, and hard hitting lyrics.

The album kicks off with "TBA" which ultimately states Big Al's purpose for the album. He quickly lets the listener know that this second act deals with the Kingdom business of resisting the enemy and staying true to your destiny. The production on this one won't disappoint either.

Grammy Award Nominated artist Canton Jones chimes in on "Switch", a high energy track guaranteed to get your head banging while encouraging you to be a game changer for the cause of Christ.

Just when you think the party can't go any higher, Claude Deuce lends his smooth vocals to "Let You Down", a reminder that God's is with you and will never "Let You Down".

One track in particular proves to be the ultimate attention getter on the album. From the title straight through the lyrics, "BFF" is a love letter to God that uses text and chat abbreviations to express our thankfulness for His friendship. This song will speak to the hand-held device generation in a very whimsical, yet practical way. Over the years, Big Al has consistently exhibited his heart for young people, and his influence is obvious to anyone who spends any amount of time with him.

The Balancing Act will register with the seasoned Christian as well as any who need to "Give It Over", or "Testify", and the album can be played virtually "Anywhere".

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Production: Various
album release date: 2011

— reviewed by Gregory Gay

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