Dr. Bill Winston
Bill Winston Presents Living Word: Released

The sprawling edifice of Living Word Christian Center sits rather quietly on 33 acres in Forest Park, a Chicago suburb. However, it should be noted that the quiet is in recess on Wednesday nights and Sundays. The area transforms into a hub of activity, where over 20,000 of the faithful gather from far and near to hear the Word of the Lord as preached and taught by their wise and revered yet humble leader, Dr. Bill Winston.

CDDr. Winston, who God has used to transform the lives of many through his teachings, writings and weekly television outreach, decided to share the music ministry heard each Sunday at Living Word with the rest of the world with the end result being Bill Winston Presents Living Word: Released. Listeners are privy to eleven songs of power, great and lasting promises and purpose. The music comprises the Living Word Worship Experience.

The CD opens with the celebratory Let's Bless the Lord which serves as the call to worship. Dr. Winston sets the stage as he makes prophetic declarations decreeing deliverance, newness and wholeness into the life of the believer. This is the segue for the title track, "Released".

Donald Lawrence (whose collaborative efforts with Winston brought forth the hit single, "The Blessing of Abraham" as well as a great deal of material from his own The Law of Confession project) carefully weaves a narrative as the singers build to a climax emphatically stating "You are released; go in the name of the Lord".

Kim Stratton makes a bold statement with "Favor Ain't Fair". The song is not your typical Sunday morning congregational hymn. It fits more into the Sunday evening drive through the park in the convertible with the roof and windows down and the music up. Stratton connects with her jazzy side and delivers. Ed Tucker's "Be Still" is a stirring worship song and the Andrae Ambrose penned "Covenant Keeping God" reminds us that God is forever faithful and true to his Word.

Eric Thomas' "Jesus Delivered Me" makes a command performance here. Many will remember it from the 50th Anniversary CD of Chicago's famed Wooten Choral Ensemble. Lastly, Walt Whitman, founder and director of the Soul Children of Chicago takes us in on the "Church Medley" with Michelle Renee and even Pastor Winston himself getting in on it.

Live in expectation of a mighty move of God and a shift and Release upon completion of this landmark recording from the company of Levites and psalmists of Living Word Christian Center.

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Production: Various
album release date: 2012

— review by Gregory Gay

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