Brothers In Unity

The Gospel industry has had its fair share of male groups making a serious impact. But itís been a minute since weíve witnessed the anointing of a serious group that is truly the whole package. Enter Brothers In Unity (BIU) with their debut CD on MGA Music Group, titled Change.

CDWith tight harmonics reminiscent of greats such as The Winans and Commissioned, BIU illustrate their predecessor's influence quite prolifically throughout the 16-song disc. These blood brothers display vocal prowess flawlessly, with each song adding another piece to make up a tightly knit album.

On top of soothing vocals, BIU speak from a place of victory in Christ in every song. The album starts out with "Praize Party", a song that could ignite praise in the most docile of folks. The cut takes us back to the essence of why we were created —to praise Him.

Production on the album is handled by Tony Homer, who pulls out all the stops on the album to give BIU a rich and distinctive sound.

Stand out tracks include the smooth "Change", the passionate "Worship", and the empowering "All Things". Make no mistake about it, a change is gonna come with BIU on the scene.

Check out this interview that GOSPELflava.com had with the group:

GOSPELflava.com: How important is that to you that you stay active in your local church, and how does it affect the way you guys view the music ministry that you guys are involved in?

BIU (Big T): I think before you go anywhere or do anything for the sake of ministry, you have to first serve and be faithful in your home church. Keeping the home base keeps us in tune with The Lord and leadership that we can go to for advice and most of all the worship. We know the importance of having that covering.

BIU (Accie): Thatís where we sprung roots from. Family worship as a whole is really important. Our home church is where we got started. For us, knowing that we have someone in our corner, giving advice and prayer, is priceless. In the music business, itís so hard to trust folk and the only people you can lean on is your family.

BIU (Mel): When we go home we get refueled. Going out on the road constantly can wear anyone down. We put out so much, that there comes a time when we need to fill up. Weíre ordained ministers - weíre not bootleg. We live by the word we preach and we shoot for being real. We strive for perfection and we have great leaders. Itís all about doing the will of God and being sold out to Him.

GOSPELflava.com: Letís talk about the album. How did the concept of the album come about? You guys did some writing on the album, right?

BIU (Accie): God put this album together Ė ainít no way that any of us couldíve put this album together in and of ourselves! Itís an anointing from Him. Before we do things we pray. He let us know what to do and what to say; every person that worked on the album was saved. We canít describe the album, it was predestined; God spoke this thing before the foundations of the world.

GOSPELflava.com: Most artists will agree that there is a song or some songs on their album that speaks to them. Is there any one song that really speak to you on this album?

BIU (Accie): Change runs the gamut. There are so many songs on there that minister to every situation and circumstance. Like I said earlier, thatís when you know that the album really isnít about BIU, but about God using BIU to get His Message across. I listen to ďPraise PartyĒ when Iím in the midst of praise. If itís a situation where I need my faith build up, Iíll put on ďI Can Do All ThingsĒ to put me back in remembrance of those things that are God has empowered me to do.

GOSPELflava.com: What is your definition of ministry?

BIU (Accie): I believe that ministry is about help - helping your brother - to go out and pull people out the fire. Ministry is about being your brotherís keeper. We are empowered by God to make folks aware of the goodness of God. Ministry is about God and a man or woman of God that is real about serving Him.

GOSPELflava.com: When you listen to your album, it's clear that you guys have a very ďretroĒ sound that is familiar to The Winans and Commissioned. How influential were these groups to your sound, your writing, and most of all, your overall message?

BIU (Big T.): When we were young, we tried to do this quartet thing. Accie and Mel weren't with it. They liked Commissioned and when I finally listened to Commissioned, I embraced them. We mixed so many different flavors together, something for the young people, middle aged, and the older folks. God has really positioned us and weíre really passionate about our music because weíre first passionate about God. We're interested in changing peopleís lives.

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Producers: Various
album release date: 2005
MGA Music Group

— reviewed by Andre Mullen

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