Journey of the Heart

The day of the girl group is back. With success of groups like Virtue and Trin-i-tee 5:7, lots of ladies are stepping up to make their mark.

Contemporary quartet Blessed adds their flava to the mix with their debut project Journey for the Heart on Ultimate Records. A solid offering vocally, these ladies join together to sing His praises.

Blessed CDAmong the highlights is "He's Sweet II" that will remind you of the days of Witness. An acoustic guitar by Greg Troyer is a delicate frame on this tune penned by group member Cynthia Thomas who writes and produces nine of the project's fifteen tracks.

Thomas also pens "Prayer Changes Things" that sets its contemporary church tone with Jason Hodge on the Hammond. Literally giving instruction on how to pray (adoration, confession, intercession, expectation, and thanksgiving) the song is more than an empty refrain.

Troyer appears again as he strums on "Jesus Is Lord", an uptempo proclamation, and there is a dramatic interlude that leads into the funky "For Your Good". Group member Joslyn Blackburn arranges resonant harmonies on "Psalm 121".

"Your Mercy" is a sweet reflection on His grace and tolerance of us. Presented in an uncomplicated formula of just vocals and piano, the testimony is allowed to speak for itself.

Blessed is a reflection of his peace and harmony. On Journey for the Heart God is exalted, and His praises ring true!

Producers: Cynthia L. Thomas, David Robinson
album release date: Spring, 2001
Ultimate Records

reviewed by Melanie Clark

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