Brandon Broadnax & Company
We Need To Hear From You; Reissue

Brandon Broadnax & Company’s We Need To Hear From You album was a watershed in contemporary Gospel when it was released back in 1996.

CDThe Washington DC maestro assembled a strong cast of eleven vocalists, and handled writing, music and production himself, giving an album filled with balladic but urban Gospel with a tinge of hip hop flava.

For the few who managed to snag the independent release, it was memorable purchase. Vocals, the acoustic feel of the instrumentation (all from Broadnax) and album fluidity were the strengths of the recording.

One highlight then, as now, is the title track, “Where Would I Be”, a down-tempo, reflective, piano-accompanied praise featuring Tesalyn Bland.

Other cuts such as “Just Another Day”, “Alright” and “Stop!!!” reflect they musical outfit’s ability to integrate contemporary soul into a highly infectious, slightly hip hop flava’d melodic framework.

“I Love You So” and “There Is No Way” showcase the vocal talent of the Company, with a good mix of soloists and blended backing voices, and a marvelous ability to express heart praise in song.

Now re-released eight years after its initial launch, We Need To Hear From You merits attention, not only for the material (which maintains its relevance), but also for the bonus remix and new tracks included.

Brandon BroadnaxCheck “Smile” for the mellow groove (keyboards, soft rhythms) detailing God’s faithfulness and love for us, and “I Care”, with its sparse, single bongo accompaniment to the vocal.

The concluding cut features hip hop artist Riff-Raff and blood brother to Broadnax, joining in on the remix to “Saved By Love”.

Since the initial release of the album, Broadnax has busied himself with diverse endeavors, including songwriting for artists such as Maurette Brown-Clark (see album review).

Word is that there’s new music from Broadnax in the near future. Look for it!

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Producers: Brandon Broadnax
album release date: November, 2003
Millennium Gospel Entertainment

— review by Stan North

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