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Brittney Wright
The Beginning

In one aspect, there is nothing new about Brittney Wright. This accomplished young lady has been making a name for herself long before her debut project, The Beginning.

On the other hand, everything is new, for her appropriately titled album is fresh and invigorating. With a great mixture of humility and energy, and with a heart of praise and a desire to live for Christ and please Him, it's certainly just The Beginning for this seasoned artist.

CD  Wright's style and flow is original, unique and refreshing. Mixing elements of rock, soul, and praise and worship in each and every track, the album is set apart and belongs in a league of its own. As she takes you on a journey, you find that important message in every lyric.

On "So What", Wright takes the attitude of a radical Christian, reminding God's chosen that being a believer is one of the best decisions in life you can make. The groove continues into "Clap Your Hands" a joyful and smooth song with punching lyrics and positive confessions of victory, freedom, and liberty.

Wright then continues to flow and gives her spin on the classic hymn, "I Need Thee". Her rendition takes the song into a refreshing new vein while remaining true to the original timeless arrangement and flow of the original. The conviction and soul in her voice make each word and phrase real.

As the album unfolds, there is an enriching light of sunshine and joy that is clearly felt. Right before the journey ends, she whips out the song that has proved to be her leading single, "I Win". The anthem, which she wrote together with Joshua Lay and Antoine Spence, is bound to become one that is mentioned amongst some of the greatest songs of today.

The writing and production on the album is top-notch, as Brittney introduces her style and excellent collaboration with Lay, Brandon Camphor, Julia McMillan, James Johnson, and several others.

Without a doubt, Brittney Wright's vocal styling and technique places her in a category of her own. Truly this is just The Beginning of her musical ministry, and a worthy introduction for a woman whose heart is after God.

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Production: Justin Lay, Joshua Lay
album release date: August 24, 2010
Emtro Gospel / Your Soul Counts Musiq Group

— review by Martin Williams

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