CeCe Winans
Thy Kingdom Come

"When you're in the throne room, your focus is just God. Nothing's more powerful than that." — CeCe Winans

With Thy Kingdom Come, seven-time Grammy winner CeCe Winans delivers a thematic follow-up to her 2005 release, Purified (read album review). As her eighth solo project, this 14-song album continues in offering up accessible songs of praise, intimate worship and inspiration.

Production help comes from notable sources, including Tommy Sims, Luther "Mano" Hanes, Percy Bady, and longtime collaborators Cedric & Victor Caldwell, among others.

CDThe first single "Waging War" reassures that in Christ, we have already won the battle. With an infectious groove percolating underneath the vocal beds and swelling strings pushing the vibe, the song is clearly a hit. You don't need radio tracking numbers to tell you that.

Winans writes "Forever" (one of eight songs that she put pen to on the project), and delivers a heart-propelled praise session backed by a stellar vocal crew. Winans ad libs over their repeated phrasing ("forever and ever and ever"), declaring her intent to worship God for eternity.

In a similar praise vein, "The Coast is Clear" (written by son Alvin Love III), "Oh Holy Place" and "You're The One" signal the presence of God. Symphonic arrangements underpin these melodic ballads as Winans focuses her attention vertically.

Other songs of note on the album are the prayerfully tender title cut, "Thy Kingdom Come" and "Worthy", a street-worthy pop masterpiece with syncopated percussion setting the stride.

CeCe Winans has always placed message above music, and yet never sacrifices the musical artistry. Thy Kingdome Come is a perfect example that, and demonstrates once again the prowess and power of her ministry.

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Production: Various
album release date: April 1, 2008
PureSprings Gospel

— reviewed by Stan North

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