Charles Martin
Mary's Son

Detroit-based Charles Martin has sung backup for artists that include Fred Hammond and Deitrick Haddon. Many know him as a member of Haddon's acclaimed Voices of Unity. With Mary's Son, Martin offers up his first solo album. The title is based on both Mary from the Bible and his birth mother, who has the same name (and to whom the album is dedicated).

This is a twelve track offering produced by Martin and Rachard "Chardyroc" Williams on the Chuck's Rooms label, that presents who he is as a Christian and individual. You are welcomed into his world: a smooth, relaxed, genuine place of worship and praise. The originality and creativity behind the music creates the scene of an unashamed Christian who is not confined to one style but is free to worship, utilizing his voice as his primary tool. One voice with several stylings creates diversity, bringing something to the project for every listener to enjoy.

CDKicking off the party is "This Joy", an up-beat tune written by Martin and Williams. Next is "Love Your Lovin'". proclaiming the reverence Martin has for God's love. Yolanda Harris Stover adds her strong vocals to" Thank You" and also co-writes this song of thanksgiving. The album then switches gears on "Have Your Way", a personal song of worship in which we God to take complete control over our lives to do that great work our hearts long for. "Cover My Soul" is a joyous song that will simply put a smile on your face.

Martin reveals himself to be an individual worshiper determined to showcase the God his mother introduced him to, and the good work that he has started. The "Secret Place" of God is another transparent worship tune sure to draw you in. The purity behind the lyrics and skill of the instrumentation sets this project apart and puts it in a league of its own.

Enjoy the journey as you are introduced to Charles Martin, Mary's Son.

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Production: Charles Martin, Various
album release date: 2010
Chuck's Room

— reviewed by Gregory Gay

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