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Charles McPhatter
Life Songs

While his name may not be familiar to most outside of the Washington D.C. area, Charles McPhatter has been using his songwriting, production and vocal talents for a while, working with notables that include Lionel Green, Grammy Award winner Delious Kennedy of All for One, producer Dave "Davey Boy" Lindsay of Seven Sons of Soul, and even Minister Isaiah D. Thomas.

It's therefore no surprise McPhatter has now debuted with his own musical rendition of his story of the gospel, entitled Life Songs.

CD He starts off this eleven track project with the rhythm and praise song "Can't Live (Without You)". On the encouraging, mid-tempo "How Could I Ask For More", McPhatter brings in Tiffany Scotton to duet, backed up by beautiful background vocals.

"Trouble Don't Last" is an up-beat gem where McPhatter and vocalist Kristen Mitchell shine together. "Never Gave Up On Me" and "There I Find You" are arguably two of the best songs on the album. McPhatter's tenor vocals shimmer over the piano play of Daryl Dudley in the ballad "Never Give Up On Me". "There I Find You" is an awesome song that truly sets the atmosphere of praise and worship.

On the more laid back tip, "He Will Draw Nigh" satisfies with it old school soul, reminiscent of the vibe that Brent Jones and the TP Mobb brought back in the day.

In "Remember Me", McPhatter refers to scripture Luke 23 where he, just like the thief on the cross who believed, asks Jesus to remember him despite his faults and past struggles. "Why Do You Run" is an encouraging song that challenges people to humble themselves and come back to Jesus, who will never leave them. "Morning Light" is a ministry song that encourages people to hold on the Jesus because His unspeakable joy will come in the morning.

The last song on the album, "Thank You", is a simple ballad that sums up the project as a whole with humbled, thanksgiving-filled lyrics.

Charles McPhatter's debut album is smooth and is sure to capture you with great vocals and up-lifting lyrics.

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Production: Charles McPhatter
album release date: November, 2009
Charles McPhatter

— review and interview by Michael Poole

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