Claude Deuce
Young Elder

One of gospel's most innovative and profound urban producers is Claude Deuce. Having produced and written for the likes of Deitrick Haddon, Sean Simmonds, Tonex, and Izzy, Deuce's musical imprint has been felt for the better part of the last decade.

After a lengthy time behind the scenes, Deuce steps into the foreground with his national release titled Young Elder. Thirteen tracks strong, Deuce offers an authentic presentation laced with creativity, authenticity, and refreshing musicality that makes for a memorable splash onto the scene.

CD  The uber-talented singer wrote and produced each track on the album, handling all arrangements and background vocals. That feat makes that album's diversity even more noteworthy as Deuce provides an ample musical cross-section for all to enjoy.

As a minister of music and an ordained Elder within the Church of God In Christ (hence the album's title), Deuce fuses ministry within music with great ease.

From tracks like "It Ain't Over" to "The Word", Deuce's ministerial pedigree shines as he highlights the power, hope, and promise found in God's Word. "The Word" may sound familiar to some as it was first presented on Deitrick Haddon's Revealed release.

Creativity is one of Deuce's definitive trademarks as he finds crafty and clever ways to share biblical truths. "Got That Stuff" and its deserving remix use the euphemism "That Stuff" to represent God's Favor, while "Holy Ghost Gyrl" speaks to the appeal of a virtuous woman. "Math" sees Deuce bridge the gap between faith and science as he expresses a relationship with God in terms of mathematical functions. You won't need a math degree to understand this one!!

Musically, Deuce can flip it with the best of them. From the 80s pop vibe of "4 Who U R" to the slow urban groove of "Come Home", Deuce authentically presents each genre with the greatest of ease. Deuce's parents, Pastor Claude and Regina Harris, join him on "Come Home" with a timely invitation to Christ.

The amazing "You" starts as an urban mid-tempo groove and quickly switches to a British-techno infused track all in a five minute time span. Don't tune away too quickly because Deuce drops a fire-filled urban hidden track that's guaranteed to keep you groovin'.

"Young Elder" is an auspicious national debut for Claude Deuce that has been well worth the wait. This effort is a worthy add to your musical collection.

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Production: Claude Deuce
album release date: 2009
Awe Records

— review by Gerard Bonner

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