He Shall

Christian Life Center Mass Choir
He Shall: Live In Stockton

Making their home in Stockton, California, The Christian Life Center Mass Choir makes their triumphant return to the industry with their latest release, He Shall.

CDKnown throughout the years as the CLC Mass Choir, this aggregation is by no means inexperienced in the realm of gospel music, having once been a mainstay on the famed Command record label in the early 90's. Having taken a near 15-year recording hiatus, the choir returns with a 12-song effort filled with Sunday morning passion and unmistakable Pentecostal flair.

Enlisting the production efforts of music director Laird Sillimon and award-winning producer Kevin Bond, CLC takes listeners into the midst of their Sunday morning experience, as recorded live in their home church, Christian Life Center.

The choir presents accessible pieces designed for easy replication by church choirs around the country. With a distinctly traditional flair, the choir kickstarts hand clapping and foot stomping with tracks such as the fun-filled "I'm A Pentecostal", "God's Already Worked It Out", and "Ready for the Rapture". Check out the notable lead vocals of Olevia Williams on these cuts.

choirWhile the choir is comfortable with up-tempo offerings, their ballads are equally strong, showcasing the strength of their abilities. Several favorites include "Here On Holy Ground", "Jesus You're Worthy" and the album's title cut.

Don't forget to check out their solid cover of the Thomas Whitfield classic "Genesis", one of the album's strongest cuts.

From cover to cover, The CLC Mass Choir presents a solid return effort, and are poised to become a favorite of church choirs and traditional gospel lovers of all ages, all over again.

Audio Downloads Listen to the audio provided below. Audio tracks are available in RealAudio format (click logo below to listen. Click To Listen)
  • "In The House of the Lord" -- Click To Listen

  • "Jesus, You're Worthy" -- Click To Listen

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Production: Laird Sillimon, Kevin Bond
album release date: October 16, 2007
Christian Life Ministry

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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