The CLC Mass Choir
I Still Believe

Hailing from Stockton, California, The Christian Life Center (CLC) Mass Choir presents I Still Believe, their first project since achieving national runner up status in the 2011 version of the annual How Sweet The Sound choir competition.

I Still Believe is a 14-tracker full of great songs that will catch the ears of traditional and contemporary Gospel music lovers. Director and veteran songwriter Laird Sillimon produced and wrote the material for much of the project, with co-production from Tommy Brown, and Kevin Bond.

A stable of songwriting talent that includes Aaron Shields, Kevin Daniel (both of Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar fame) and Tim Montez join with Sillimon in weaving a tapestry of song material. Note: be sure to listen to the audio clips at the bottom of the page.

CD The project opens up with the hand clapping, foot stomping, feel-good song titled, "We Need The Holy Ghost" from the pen of Shields, featuring strong lead vocalist Olevia Williams. It serves as a great up-tempo introduction to the project, as the CLC Choir sings with fervor and passion, which you can feel throughout the project, attracting the attention of choirs, praise teams —and anyone who enjoys a robust, traditional Gospel sound.

Look out for these standout mid-tempo grooves: "It's Good to Give Thanks" with its distinct baseline and "I'm Not Ashamed" with its smooth intro and lyrical flow.

On the ballad tip, songs such as "You're Worthy Forever", "Precious Lamb Of God", and "The Time Is Now (I Surrender)" feature a selection of lead vocalists who nicely compliment the songs.

The title track "I Still Believe" is laced with great horn arrangements and good Gospel sound that immediately draws the listener in, transporting you back to Sunday morning at your grandma's church with its rich sound and ageless message.

Then there's "They Will Be Saved", a song that declares a faith filled message. Lead vocals from Kim Salazar are the perfect fit for this message of hope.

Songs such as "Praise Him", the remake of the classic "I Can Go To God In Prayer", and "You Are My Keeper" (penned by Daniel with vocals from Sillimon), balance out the project.

The CLC Mass Choir's I Still Believe breathes a message of hope and faith into the world by remaining true to their sound in a solid way. With its mix of tempos and occasional forays into contemporary Gospel sounds, this project satisfies everyone who love to clap their hands, stomp their feet, and sing declarations of faith.

Audio Downloads Listen to the audio provided below. Audio tracks are available in RealAudio format (click logo below to listen. Click To Listen)
  • "I'm Not Ashamed" -- Click To Listen

  • "It's Good To Give Thanks" -- Click To Listen

  • "You're Worthy Forever " -- Click To Listen

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Production: Various
album release date: September, 2012
Sillimon Sound

— review by Nakiyah Hayling

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