Pure Serenity

C.Note steps forward with an independently-released 7-track offering (plus interludes and intros) titled Pure Serenity.

Like the title suggests, this time out, the Georgia-based Nureau Delegate integrates a dose of mellow into his soulful musicality.

CDThe bass-heavy "Good 2 Know" starts things off, as the delegate delivers a prayer of 100% reliance on God.

"Reminisce" recalls childhood memories with a slight hip hop edge. C.Note weaves his atmospheric tenor through it all.

Notable on the disk is "Beautiful", a song that tells the mysterious story of a young man, newly married, who wakes up one morning blind. While asking God for healing for himself so he can see his 'beautiful wife", he also takes the opportunity to encourage others to appreciate their wives, and what they have. Stacked vocals over keyboards and the repeated phrase "you're so beautiful" are what this one is all about.

Also in the mix is "Holiness", a brief song featuring Danielle, sister to C.Note. Her dusky vocal tone picks up the soulful ear real fast, and is teaser for more to come. The song extols the virtues of righteous living.

Nureau continues!

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Producer: C.Note
album release date: September 2003

— review by Stan North

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