Heart of God:  CHANGE

Creflo Dollar presents...
Heart of God, CHANGE

You could call Heart of God, CHANGE a showcase of the diversity and the depth of artistry that rest under the auspices of Creflo Dollar's Arrow Records. Featuring numerous artists who deliver their praise in various styles, the project flows smoothly under the production hand of Aaron Lindsey, who ensures that the project's eleven songs are unified in overall purpose and musicality.

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The album leads off with the raucously delivered and live-recorded "I'm Free", written by Lindsey and Jordan Dollar, with lead vocals from the gifted Jonathan Phillips. Rife with edgy guitars and a bumpy rhythm line, the song sets the tone for the rest of the project.

On "Lay It Down", Deleon Richards steps up to the mic and delivers a contrasting soft praise. "Vessel Unto You" features Elizabeth Curry on a beautiful piano-accompanied melody that is wrapped with backing vocals from a small ensemble.

Minister Dorsey Hammond, whose music Dollar describes as "a propelling force of rhythmic and harmonic freedom that excites and challenges listeners to come into deep fellowship with God", sings on songs such as "I Praise" and "Oh Lord Most High". Using vertically-directed lyrics, Hammond succeeds in melding a contemporary vibe with soulful delivery.

Other highlights on this project include Jordan Dollar on "That's Why I Love You", and Michelle Swift on "Voice Of God".

With authentic worship that spans barriers both cultural and musical, Heart of God: CHANGE is a project to embrace.

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Production: Aaron Lindsey
album release date: March 24, 2009
Arrow Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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