The Cross Movement
HIStory - Our Place In His Story

CDAs arguably the most successful Gospel rap group our generation has ever witnessed, The Cross Movement returns with their newest, and last album, HISstory – Our Place In His Story.

Although some original members are gone and some new ministries have joined forces, the Cross Movement continues to remain on top of their game with their latest effort.

The Ambassador gets things started off right with “Our God”. The song, produced by J.R., is an uplifting, victory praise anthem that will have your head bobbing to the beat. “Trust In Him” featuring Robert “Don” Barham, has the CM crew rapping with a live band in the studio. On this track, the whole crew shines over a fresh old school beat. Phanatik spits on how CM gets down for God by saying:

Some many moves you can make these days
You can follow Christ or follow your own way
But we up His word like “Lord, what You say”
Cause we trust You that just what it comes to, hey

On “Back For This”, T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. does the honor of blessing the mic with J.R. backing him up on vocals. Here, T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. tells a deep and conscious story about a man who yielded to sin instead of seeking the Lord’s guidance. The main theme of theme of the cut is to express the importance of swallowing pride, taking accountability for your actions, and striving to make the right decisions in life regardless of what crosses your path.

“Name Up”, featuring Tedashi, takes listeners on a brief break from predominant East The Cross Movementcoast sounds to a dirty south club banger. The Cross Movement shows their versatility on this one by flowing with Tedashi holding down a catchy hook.

“Get That” is Cross Movement’s newest version of praise dance party track. On this Middle Eastern influenced number, Tonic raps about how the body of Christ should dance for God like David did and “get that”. The phrase “get that” means to get down for God’s glory —Psalm 150 style— through a holy praise dance.

“Now Who’s the Man?” by Phanatik featuring Iz-Real is Part 2 to Heaven’s Mentality’s “Who’s The Man”. Phanatik doesn’t hold back displaying lyrical skills.

The album wraps up the Cross Movement’s signature cypha. “The Last Cypha” sports the hotness of the CM crew along with Trip Lee, R. Swift, Mac the Doulos, Iz-Real, Flame, and Da’ T.R.U.T.H. The beat (produced by Official) is straight fire and does a great job complementing each emcee on the track.

HIStory is awesome, with The Cross Movement staying fresh, up-to-date, and creative with their music while staying true to their original “boom, boom, tat” form that graced Heaven’s Mentality and House of Representatives in the late 1990’s. If this is indeed CM’s last group album, then The Ambassador, Tonic, Phanatik, and T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. go out with a bang!

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Production: J.R., Official, Speedy, The Cross Movement, & Todd Shannon
album release date: June, 2007

— reviewed by Michael Poole

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