Damita Haddon is back with her third studio album, Anticipation, on Tyscot Records.

From "Amazing God", which has a bit more of a traditional feel than the rest of the album, to the triumphant "Still Here", there is a little something for everyone. The entire album gives an inspirational message over urban contemporary sets, with hints of traditional worship styles. Lyrically, Damita steps up to write several of the songs on this album and I must say, it has paid off.

CD The smash single "Won't Turn Back" starts the project off with an uplifting upbeat track. The declaration of "running for you a long time and I won't turn back" resonates with people at various stages in their walk with Christ; it's clear why this song is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

You'll find your head nodding and shoulders jumping listening to "Praise U Now", which is keyed to be an anthem for youth groups across the country and the young at heart everywhere. From the catchy hook to the drums and electric guitars, it has you amped from beginning to end.

Damita then takes us into a more traditional praise and worship song with "You're Amazing God". This toe-tapping, quick tempo song gives all glory to the awesomeness of God. The background vocals are flawless, which complements the powerhouse lead that Damita delivers.

"Be Revealed" welcomes us to worship in the purest form. Lyrically, it's a winner, with lines such as "take my life, do what you will, let your glory be revealed" just a sample of what will take you in all the way. "Elevate Me", and "Don't Walk Away" are other notables that will give listeners a sultry feel with a God-centered message.

Title track "Anticipation (Waiting)" is the epitome of a love song to the Lord. Damita does her GOOD singing on this song. With superb production, the way she tells the story of her waiting on the Lord is a refreshing surprise to hear in gospel music. She is sure to make an even bigger mark in the industry with number.

Anticipation is a soulful compilation of inspirational gospel music that will reach audiences old and new to the genre. Simply put, it's Damita's love songs to the Lord and I couldn't get enough. Be sure you get your copy and one for a friend.

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Production: Various
album release date: July, 2012
Tyscot Records

— review by Marquita Bradley

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