It seems that Daniel frequently finds himself the inhabitant of two different worlds.

CD Not only is this west coast-based creative mind both an artist and an actor, musically he displays a knack for not deep soul vocals, but also for weaving a his own instrumental grooves into the mix.

Dedicated to “anyone who has ever had a struggle in their life”, Hiphopcrisy is for all of us. The title track addresses the fact that God knows all that we have done (good and bad), and so why not be real about all that. Tied to a gentle phat track, Daniel fits skied falsetto to new soul vocals as he prays that he is just a man, and asks God to give him strength.

Ears will turn on “Mayday”, a buttery emergency ballad with a suitable hook on the repeated plea for help, and anchored by some low register keyboard chording. The remix of the cut features rap flows from album collaborator Terrel Stuart.

“Everything I Need” is a brief musical reflection on the all sufficiency of God; Performing all vocals and instruments here, as he does often throughout the entire project, Daniel showcases his versatility.

Live instrumentation courtesy Cornielius Mims on bass and Masa Kohama on guitar is the highlight of “I Luv U”, a worship piece in neo-soul flow.

Daniel Songwriting is another strong point for Daniel, with songs such as “Temporary” basking in a gorgeous simplicity of structure and some nice guitar from Kohama —instant appeal.

“Thug” is unique in its layered acappella approach (with finger snaps) as Daniel declares that “I ain’t a thug but I like to braid my hair. That don’t mean I don’t love Him. Tell me this, what does my hair have to do with me loving God. Nothing.”

Appealing to purveyors of creativity everywhere and throwing down beats and vocals that instantly appeal to the worshipping heart, Daniel is the real deal.

Producer: Daniel
album release date: 2001
Five By Seven Entertainment

— review by Stan North

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