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Danniebelle Hall
Let Me Have A Dream / Live in Sweden

The music lives on for Danniebelle Hall. Passing to glory after suffering from the complications of diabetes in December 2000, Danniebelle Forever Ministries has issued a 2-CD collector’s item that consists of a reissue of two of her very popular late 70’s albums, Let Me Have A Dream and Live in Sweden (with Choralerna).

2-CD Collector SetIt’s probably a given that if you already have this music, then it’s in vinyl or cassette format, so there’s ample reason to get the digital equivalent.

And if you’re not familiar with Danniebelle’s music, then this would be the perfect opportunity. Polished with soul when necessary and filled with praise that doesn’t go out of style, the sounds on this set come through with the same beauty and intensity of worship as when they first came out. You can certainly grasp why this former Andrae Crouch Disciple was able to catch the attention of so many.

Her ability to bring you in with easy vocal style and innate ability to write melodies and lyrics that capture what you know your heart and soul already know, but your mouth hadn’t yet expressed.

Danniebelle Forever
Click for interview with Forever Danniebelle Ministries "I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Ken Pennell [who heads up EMI Gospel] and I asked him if I could have a copy of the masters to re-issue. I wanted to sell it on the website to generate funds for my mother. She was on disability, and I wanted to help supplement her income."

"He said they heard of my mother's medical situation, and would do what they could to help...."

Click on the image of Danniebelle above for the full and fascinating story.
The songs from Let Me Have A Dream (originally released on Sparrow in 1976) contain that late seventies beat groove for the most part, with "It’s Freedom" and "I’ll Be Right There" defining that vibe. The immense hit "Ordinary People" also appeared on this album.

Live in Sweden (released on Sparrow in 1977) takes a more mellow approach, showing Danniebelle’s incredible gift of song interpretation. She had always had a strong international following, and on this album, the Swedish audience follows every note and turn of her voice, as she brings out some favorites including “I Go To The Rock”, “The Lord Is My Light” and “My Tribute”.

The Swedish introductions, announcer-audience interplay and the Swedish choir Choralerna make for an intriguing bonus.

The proceeds from the sale of this project are directed to the The Danniebelle Hall Diabetes Foundation.

Producer: Bill Maxwell (reissue: Cynthia Philpot, Tim Dillinger)
album release date: May, 2001
Forever Danniebelle Ministries

— reviewed by Stan North

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