Danny Eason & Abundant Life Montreal

Brooklyn, New York is the foundation of the well known East Coast choral sound, producing such aggregations as Hezekiah Walker & LFC, Timothy Wright & the NY Fellowship Mass Choir, and James Hall & Worship and Praise.

CD  Arguably Brooklyn's best kept secret is Danny Eason & Abundant Life. With nearly twenty years under their belt, Eason and his choir has performed around the world, merging pulsating rhythms with power-filled vocals. Now transplanted in Montreal, Quebec, Eason and Abundant Life continue with their vision and passion, serving up their newest recorded effort, Endurance.

Fifteen tracks strong, Eason leads his choral aggregation in a solid blend of worship and funk-filled grooves that have been his trademark throughout the years. Eason wears many hats with this effort, serving as director, producer, and songwriter, penning all but one of the album's cuts. Standout musicianship from the likes of David Compere on bass and Rashad King on drums, propel the project.

"Alpha and Omega", a techno-driven dance choir Bryan Snipes-penned groove, maintains the trademark Eason bump, maintaining the flavor of the album. From a production perspective, the album trades a more polished presentation for a live concert listening experience. This production choice still allows the strength of the material to shine while recreating the concert-like atmosphere of the recording, providing a degree of authenticity that's challenging to replicate.

CD  There's no shortage of head-nodding jams on this effort. From the album's leadoff cut "Good Time" to "Bless His Name", Eason and Abundant Life keep the party moving with high octane praise jams. The infectious "Don't Give Up" may seem familiar, as it was first found on Russell Delegation's 2000 release, What Would Russell Do? Nine years later, the song's appeal remains. Eason serves up Sunday morning praise effortlessly with "It Won't Work".

< While many are accustomed to Eason's praise jams, his ballads make a solid impact on this effort. The transparent nature of "Help Me Through It All" speaks to the believer's need for God's help within every avenue of life. Simple in nature, this track is certain to build faith for those facing challenges.

"Still Standing" continues in this vein, showcasing God's power to sustain through adversity. With simple writing and arrangements, Eason allows the message of his ballads to speak loud and clear. Other high points include "I Worship You", lead by Sharon Jackman, and "Take Control", with Annette Moncrieffe up front.

Nestled within this effort is found the heart and soul of Danny Eason and Abundant Life Montreal. With Eason at the helm, the group brings us a concert experience filled with passion and life and with nearly two decades to their credit, Eason and his aggregation prove Endurance does indeed pay dividends.

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Production: Danny Eason
album release date: April, 2009
D&D Music Group

— review by Gerard Bonner

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