Darnell Davis & The Remnant
Psalms of the Remnant

Traditionally, the state of Minnesota has contributed a solid catalog of Gospel artists that have made a major impact within the industry. Prepare to add Darnell Davis & The Remnant to that impressive list.

CDDavis is no stranger to the industry; he has been the music director and key writer for the Stellar Award winning choir, Excelsior. He’s also written for James Grear & Company and for the esteemed Sounds of Blackness.

With all of that weight under his belt, it’s no wonder that this debut effort is both addictive and infectious, as he and the Remnant submit a fifteen-track offering that is solid as a block of concrete.

Davis juggles a number of hats on the project, serving as founder, music director, and writer for the entire album, and teaming with Brian Kendrick on production. With both Davis and Kendrick heading up the band, the aggregation offers selections that deftly fuse elements of rock, hip-hop, neo-soul and Gospel with relevant and worship-filled lyrics.

Prepare to be blown away by the precise musicianship of tracks like “Rejoice” and “Give Thanks”, which features DJ Smooth and Just Live, who spit some serious fire. You can throw the Red Bull away and replace it with solid bobblehead juice as you check out the irresistible “It’s In Jesus”.

Add to that, Stokely of Mint Condition stops by, lending his trademark vocals to the candid “Stop Frontin’”, advising all to simply keep it real.

Amid the varying musical presentations on this album lies the heart of true worship, which quickly becomes evident from the album’s leadoff cut “I’m Yours”.

From “Show Your Glory” to the group’s “Worship Medley”, Psalms of The Remnant is passion-filled and thought-provoking, with the design of edifying the Father. Simply put, mission accomplished.

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Production: Darnell Davis and Brian Kendrick
album release date: December, 2006
FS Music

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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