Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
Women's Mass Choir
Daughters of the Promise

 CD It happened at the Detroit Opera House on July 10, 2001.

The recording for The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Women's Mass Choir —the 'Daughters of the Promise'— was recorded for the fledgling Tehillah Music Group. Full congregational participation marks the album.

Players that include Ralph Lofton, Guy Robinson, Tony Wilkins and Paul S. Morton Jr. (organ), Terry Baker (drums) and the late Michael Robinson on keyboard throughout, and of course the combined excellence of the vast number of women’s voices in the choir, allowed producer Robinson to create a churchy masterwork.

As might be expected from an album such as this —one in which the vast talent of the large denomination is mined for the cream of everything (band, soloists, songwriters), there is no shortage of great cuts.

The album opens with a warmly-received cover of Thomas Whitfield’s “I’m Encouraged”, led by much-loved Gwendolyn Morton. Twelve subsequent songs are delivered through the course of the next 65 minutes of the CD.

Songwriter Mike McCoy contributes the praise invitational, “We’ve Come To Praise Him”, an all-out choir cut with a brassy, uptempo accompaniment. The late Michael Robinson writes the smoothly worshipful “He Is Worthy”, with soloist Kitty Griffin out front. Tehillah’s exec Jerry Q. Parries contributes “I’d Rather
Song Writers on the Album
Click for review Back in early 2001, noted producer, songwriter,keyboardist and Overseer Minister Jeffrey LaValley issued an appeal through GospelFlava.com for song contributions for the upcoming recording of the Daughters of the Promise album.

The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of entries submitted. Of those submitted, the following songs and writers were selected:
  • "We've Come To Praise Him" from Michael McCoy, Washington, DC
  • "Move By Your Spirit" from Donovan Henry of Connecticut
  • "Think Of His Goodness" from Debra L. Perry of Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • "Get On Up" from Timothy Johnson of Texas
Have Jesus”, another brass-filled and piano-propelled rouser featuring Kimberly Maxwell.

Power is prominent on the album’s title cut, “Move By Your Spirit”, written by up-and-coming songwriter Donovan Henry. Listen as Vanessa Bell Armstrong joins with Bishop Paul S. Morton in strong duet on the piece, a meld of two of Gospel’s most recognized and loved traditional voices. No surprise here, they take the song and run with it, making it nearly nine minutes of vocal wonder. Go ahead and pen in five stars beside this track.

Ears turn to First Lady Debra Morton, who writes “You Are So Dear To Me” and also connects vocally with Stephanie Dotson on the slowly unfolding reflection of God’s mercy, grace and love.

Among several other good cuts are Timothy Johnson’s album-concluding, funk-driven, bottom-heavy “Get On Up” with dual lead from sisters Adrianne Lewis and Aundrea Lewis, and Debra Perry’s balladic and highly melodic “Think of His Goodness”, driven by Lydia Wright’s alto splendor.

Producer: Michael Robinson
album release date: October, 2002
Tehillah Music Group

— reviewed by Stan North

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