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David Adesokan

New artist David Adesokan presents Thirsty with a joyful and happy heart. Filled with the vibrancy of a true worshipper, the project thrills on many levels (listen to audio clips below).

The album begins with the Caribbean sounds of "Hallelujah", an appropriate and tone-setting way to start this musical journey. Following is "Been So Good", and "More of You", both of which are geared to intimate prayer and praise and worship.

CD Adesokan's experience both locally (in Houston) and internationally as a worship leader is evident. He states that his songs come from his personal time spent with Christ and that his favorite book in the Bible is the Psalms. With that being in mind, the listener can then understand the tone of thanksgiving and praise that comes through in his artistry. With melodies and lyrics that are easily accessible, the entirety of the project will take you right to Sunday morning corporate worship.

Liz Vaughn joins him on the church anthem "Awesome God" and Adesokan adds his own twist to take the song into relaxed jazz vibe territory. His soulful tenor vocals add warmth to the title track, "Thirsty", in which he simply asks for more of God, and encourages the listener to let that be their prayer also.

Paola Estrada comes in to join in lead vocals with Adesokan on "Holy/Santos", a beautiful song of worship with both English and Spanish lyrics. It simply says, "Exalt our God and worship at His feet, for He is holy, and holy is the Lord".

It is clear that global ministry is the focus of David Adeskoan's ministry. Listening to Thirsty, you will be reminded that there is indeed One God, that He literally covers the world, and that worship of Him is universal.

Audio Downloads Listen to the audio provided below. Audio tracks are available in RealAudio format (click logo below to listen. Click To Listen)
  • "Hallelujah" -- Click To Listen

  • "Most High" -- Click To Listen

  • "More Of You" -- Click To Listen

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Production: David Adesokan, Chris Black, Jerry Tachie Menson
album release date: August 24, 2010
Wellspring Music

— review by Martin Williams

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