Pastor David Wright and the
NY Fellowship Mass Choir
Next Generation

David Wright was honorably tasked with continuing the tradition set in place by his father, the late Reverend Timothy Wright, in calling together singers and musicians in the New York area for a unity musical celebration under the banner of the New York Fellowship Mass Choir.

Under the Rev. Wright, New York Fellowship made its debut in 1994 with the Billboard Top 20 Grammy-nominated Come Thou Almighty King, followed by Live In NY in 2003, He Lives (Let's Celebrate) in 2005 and Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in 2007.

CDDavid Wright felt the time was ripe for a reunion, thus and invitation was extended. Answering the call and responding with great enthusiasm, the choir gathered at Brooklyn's First Church of God in Christ and Pastor David Wright and the NY Fellowship Mass Choir's Next Generation came to fruition. The music on the disc is a fitting tribute to the legacy of one of Gospel music's most celebrated songwriters and arrangers.

Here you will find "sing it one more time" versions of the Timothy Wright classics such as "Who's On The Lord's Side", "Come Thou Almighty King", "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" and "Enter His Gates".

Wright calls in assistance from Bishop Bruce Parham and Delbert Dove for a new arrangement of the Timothy Wright standard "What A Friend", and there is even a rendition of Wright's (the) "Presence of the Lord" is in this place (first recorded by the Church of God in Christ Mass Choir during UNAC in Detroit in 1987).

David Wright picks up his father's mantle and writes some gems for the project. Not to be missed is "Trust Him (He's Able)" featuring the incomparable Bettina Pennon-Dowtin. Lady Pennon-Dowtin sings with the fervor and conviction to awaken faith in the darkest of circumstances as she testifies from personal experience.

Elder Kevin Bond (not to be confused with the Atlanta-based Bond) is present to do what he does best (and that is to bring the victory with a shout). He exhorts the people into praise mode as Chrystal Rucker (the additional house wrecker) joins David Wright for "Praise Him". This is the official pick 'em up and put 'em down number, coming complete with its own shout segment.

Shawn Bigby contributes "Thank You" and John P Kee makes an appearance on "You Are God Alone".

The Next Generation of the NY Fellowship Choir celebrates the glory of the music of Timothy Wright while making its own imprint in the sand, and for these things and more we are grateful.

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Production: Various
album release date: June, 2014
Next Generation Godfather Records

— review by Gregory Gay

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