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Deitrick Haddon & The Voices of Unity
Blessed & Cursed: The Soundtrack

For the better part of the last two decades, Deitrick Haddon has been a significant voice in the urban gospel community. Along with his choir, Voices of Unity, he has provided the industry with several hits while never shying away from taking musical risks. Such is the case with Haddon's latest endeavor, Blessed & Cursed, his first feature film that, of course, comes with a soundtrack.

CDHaving written the screenplay and taking the lead role in the movie, it's only fitting that Haddon teams with his longtime aggregation for the soundtrack. Twelve tracks strong, Haddon presents a project that continues his legacy of trendy and edgy presentations second to none.

Haddon handles the lionís share of the production on this album but brings a bevy of talented artists along for the ride for a well-rounded presentation.

Lowell Pye and BET Sunday Best runner-up Jessica Reedy lend their talents to "Praise in the House", the album's lone traditional offering. As expected, neither Pye nor Reedy disappoint in this infectious Sunday morning jam.

Destiny's Child alumnus Michelle Williams offers the heartfelt plea "More Like You", a definite favorite for personal or corporate worship. The diversity continues with the soft rock presentation of "Over Again" featuring Cylas. The Detroit-based Rock Nation continues the rock vibe with the hope-filled "Anything Is Possible", which is another keeper.

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Don't miss Suzie Rock on "So What", which deftly showcases the longtime marriage between rock and hip-hop to perfection.

With all of the guest appearances, have no fear. Haddon and VOU are in no way lost in the proverbial sauce. The radio single "Judah", which features VOU member Clareta Jackson on lead vocals, provides that classic VOU energy that has defined their presentation for years. Infectious and exciting, this track is unapologetic and is sure to incite a praise riot.

The same could be said for "Zion", featuring Eric "Bishop" Taylor. Haddon goes for the jugular with the urban presentations and hits a homerun. Damita Haddon takes center stage on the urban slow jam "Breath Away". Penned by the production team Tim & Bob, this track is evidence of Damita's impressive artistry.

From top to bottom, Haddon delivers a gem. The multi-faceted Deitrick Haddon has found his stride and has created a soundtrack that serves as the ideal backdrop for the movie that was birthed from his heart.

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Production: Deitrick Haddon, Tim & Bob, Blaze the Champ
album release date: June 27, 2010
Tyscot Records /ManHaddon Entertainment

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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