Deitrick Haddon
Church on the Moon

For over 15 years, Deitrick Haddon has been one of gospel's leaders in the area of urban gospel. From his days with the Voices of Unity to his solo career, Haddon has produced countless hits that have become the soundtrack for a generation. So where else can the Detroit pastor go from here? Next stop: The Moon!! That's right, Haddon presents a 19-track concept album known as Church On The Moon, desiring to take Kingdom music to a place it's never been.

CD Without question, the album is Haddon's most urban and progressive presentation to date, with top-notch production and introspective and creative lyrical content. The album is filled with many memorable moments that are too numerous to digest with a singular listen. Fred Jerkins lends his production genius to the hard-hitting groove called "Power". You just can't let go of this jam. New producer AJ Encore produces perhaps the album's most lyrically creative piece titled "Gravity". This urban ballad likens the weight of the world to the force of gravity's pull.

Musically, Haddon goes old school with the Motown-tinged "Touch Me", which will quickly become a favorite, as will the pop-influenced "Save Somebody", featuring Damita Haddon. Guest appearances continue as Milliyon adds his hip-hop flair to the street-savvy prayer anthem "Bended Knees". Arguably, the collaboration of the year takes place on "Reppin' the Kingdom", as Haddon teams with Tye Tribbett, J. Moss, Canton Jones, and T. Haddy for another heavy hitting track that is guaranteed to be huge hit in urban circles.

This album has no shortage of simply outstanding songs. From the radio hit "Well Done" to the wildly encouraging "Baby You're a Star", Haddon presents musical gems that are certain to last for years to come. Perhaps the most transparent piece is "Fighting Temptations". The song, which seems as though it was designed for Haddon's "Blessed & Cursed" soundtrack, deals with the very real issue of temptation and the struggle it presents to all, no matter the source of the challenge. Poignant and straightforward, this track serves as the voice to all who are in the middle of temptation.

Nineteen tracks deep, Haddon releases what is arguably his greatest project to date, continuing the expansion of the urban genre. This could be the album that propels Haddon's career to that all important next level. This album is definitively a worthy addition to your collection.

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Production: Varioius
album release date: Feb, 2011
Verity Gospel Music Group

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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