Missing Peace

For over a decade the Holy Hip Hop community has had their heroes and icons. Some with praise sung to the masses, and others with tragic falls and triumphant comebacks.

D-MAUB can easily be classified as an unsung hero to this community. With over 11 projects, including albums dedicated strictly for ring tones and text tones, and countless features on other major artists, video game placements and more, D-MAUB is arguably one of the hardest working artists in Gospel Music.

CDMissing Peace is the emcee's sixth solo offering. It's a seasoned and mature effort with something for everyone (from the devout hip hop lover to the parents who tolerate Holy Hip Hop for their kids' sake), giving a worthy alternative to it's mainstream counterpart.

Off the bat, the album kicks into high gear with "G-Code", a hard-hitting Midwest style song featuring Canton Jones, which talks about everyday living in Christ. This song starts off as your typical Rick Ross-sounding summer song except the production by Tone Jonez takes a left, then a right then backs up, and before you know it you're in an entirely different flow (all smiles).

Much of the album centers on a couple of themes, one of which is our surroundings, with songs like "N.Y.E." , a gritty song talking about neighborhood violence and how we deal, and "How Long", which features B. Reith, and deals with a global approach on destructive events that people witness and live around on a daily basis.

D-MAUBThe other theme on the project could be described as "knowing yourself". This is where you see the maturity in Donny Harper (the man) not merely "D-MAUB" (the artist persona). Songs such as "I'm Me" and "Hip Hop Student" deal with being who you are (versus definitions that society and stereotypes throw at you), while the transparent "Distractions" takes you through a day with D-MAUB with the full family life detail.

The Missing Peace also brings in some notable featured guests. Willie Moore Jr., Ambassador, K-Drama, Phanatik, Jin and host of others lend their lyrical talent to the project and just enough for it not to be overdone. With production from Tone Jonez, Zoe4Life, C-Life and Big Juice, this project goes from hard hitting to melodic to "roll the windows down and turn the volume up", and does so seamlessly.

All in all, Missing Peace is well rounded with plenty of replay potential. With several regional styles covered, and the music and message blend right on point, this is an album perfect for the summer —and perfect for your collection.

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Production: various
album release date: May 21, 2013
One Route Entertainment

— review by Andre Griffith

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