Donald Lawrence & Co.
YRM: Your Righteous Mind

Donald Lawrence has never been one to flow in the realm of other artists. Listening to anything by him is always like going on a spiritual and musical journey. Expect songs rooted in the Word along with great vocal arrangements from Tri-City (past) and the Company (present).

YRM: Your Righteous Mind has just that. With his vocal group Company, Lawrence produced this album together with longtime collaborator, Daniel Witherspoon and also Percy Bady.

CD On his previous album, The Law of Confession, Lawrence wrote songs from revelations that he received from the teaching of his pastor, Bill Winston. This time around, Lawrence writes the "I Am Factor", a song based on a word that was preached by Bishop Tudor Bismark. To set the song up, he includes an excerpt from that very sermon. "The I Am Factor" proclaims who we are in Christ. Chalked with horn and string arrangements by Phil Lassiter, this song is a balanced blend of lovely symphony and good Gospel music. Kim McFarland ad libs and even when squalling, she never overdoes it.

Lawrence pays homage to his late musical mentor (Bishop Walter Hawkins) with the classic, "When the Battle Is Over" featuring McFarland and Dante Hall. Placements both musically and vocally are very well done.

Commissioned fans will be very delighted to hear the remake of "Strange Land". Lawrence & Co. stay true to the original arrangement, adding just a little flare to it. As a plus, Keith Staten comes back to co-lead as Pastor Jason Nelson helps him out to take it higher. Staten has not lost anything.


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One has to appreciate the way that Donald Lawrence writes or interprets songs. Not to diminish the power of his songs, but life coaches could really use his songs to really motivate and encourage people to live their "best life". His ministry and introduction of "Second Wind" will bless you just as much as the song itself. He explains how he was inspired to write this song about fulfilling your destiny even if it happens years after you realized your destiny, such as Caleb in the book of Joshua. The song talks about being "honest with myself, sometimes I struggle with myself", but that God will give you a "second wind" to fulfill His promised destiny to you. Anita Wilson wonderfully leads this one in her deeper town and Isaiah Sharkey masterfully plays acoustic and lead guitar when each were needed. This one is powerful and not at all a cliché-laced song.

Lawrence gives us more to chew on with the swinging title track, (led by Dorinda Clark-Cole) and the album's radio single, "Spiritual".

The ballad "Not Making Sense, Making Faith" deserves to be repeated a great deal. "That sangin'" Blanche McAllister Dykes does her good singing and adlibbing. Sisters Tobbi White Darks and Tommi White lead (all in unison) are featured on the remake of Chaka Khan's "Through the Fire". Very well done.

YRM is another smash for Donald Lawrence and Co. Musicians, vocalists, music enthusiasts and pastors will enjoy this. It encourages people to read their word more, speak life over themselves and to never give up.

Indeed, Donald Lawrence has done it again.

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Production: Various
album release date: August, 2011
Quiet Water Entertainment, Zomba

— review compiled by Dwayne Lacy

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