Dwayne Tryumf
Ghetto Scripture

Is there is something different about this CD? That's one of the first things you will ask yourself when you pop this disk into your player. At a quick listen your initial thought is that it's the accent. Then as you venture further you realize it's more. As one songwriter wrote, "the anointing makes the difference every time."

The bangin' sound of Dwayne Tryumf, aka Dwayne Shorter, is unique, stretching across from merry ol' England. He's been honing his lyrical skills since 1997 and that is evident from the boisterous introduction through to the astounding ending. Tryumf lets us know that the CDsounds from our overseas saints are just as strong as those emanating from the United States.

Tryumf sets things off with one of a three-part series entitled "The Limit." The first entry is the AC Remix, it's booming overtones locking you in from the initial beats. The gripping content is the story of many modern day saints. Quite often we are pushed to our spiritual limit and feel that we are just about to give in, then God snatches us back before that happens.

"The Limit (All Star Remix)" is the second installment of the series, and features Judah, Jahaziel, Don P and Marga Man, all of whom make their presence known. They take it to another level lyrically testifying in diverse expressions that they too have been pushed but haven't gone over the edge.

"Open Up Your Heart" has a "Kanye West meets Canton Jones" flavor to it. This hip-hop love song tells the sad tale of when a man likes a woman but she does not give him the time of day (and women say a good Christian man is hard to find!). The impressive background vocals make this track a true standout and transitions nicely into "Holding On", featuring the veteran Tyrone Henry. This one has a jazzy signature with an ingenious saxophone performance, and is a song of faith. Mom and grandma won't object, and may even appreciate!

On "The Reason", Tryumf joins forces with a few of the U.S's finest —the multi-talented J. Moss and gospel sensations Ramiyah. This great collabo makes for great listening, as the song tells the multiple reasons why they love God the way they do.

"The Rapture" and "Where D'you Think You're Going?" are two blazing cuts that highlight the pounding skills of Progress. Together, Tryumf and Progress produce a fierce joint about the glorious day of Christ's return, and warns that you don't want to be left unprepared when that time comes.

"Where D'you Think You're Going?" poses a realistic question to all those who are not sure what they are doing, or why they are doing it. This cut is brief, but Tryumf and Progress make full use of their giftedness in dishing out this thought-provoking inquiry.

Tryumf concludes Ghetto Scripture with the chapter of "The Limit, Main Mix". Though containing the same message as it's prior versions, the method of delivery here is much different.

With hip-hop blending into multiple areas of US pop culture, Tryumf reminds everyone that elsewhere it is no different. In making a blazing expression infused with zeal for God, Ghetto Scripture is for all nations to share. Though his sound is familiar, it's his distinctiveness that makes him all original.

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Producers: Various
album release date: Dec, 2005
Tryumfant Records

— reviewed by John Burton Jr.

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