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Earnest Pugh
Earnestly Yours

Earnest Pugh shot up the charts and won the attention of many with his chart topping single "Rain On Us" and he has had the privilege of gracing prestigious platforms as a result of his success.

Pugh is back with his third recording project titled Earnestly Yours. It's a 12-tracker produced by Michael Bereal and Marque Walker, released on BlackSmoke Music Worldwide and EPM Music Group. It's a great mixture of traditional contemporary gospel with a few little surprises fused in.

CD Earnestly Yours opens with a great up-tempo song called "Song Of Adoration". It immediately grabs your attention and will definitely get you moving. It's one of those songs that you can expect to hear being sung by praise teams across the nation. It's followed by the smooth, mid-tempo "Tailor Made Praise".

The entire project is laced with crisp and colorful vocals. Pugh has a wonderful range, tone, and vocal styling and it is all exhibited on this album. There are ballads and slower paced songs such as "I Need Your Glory", "Thank You", and the classic hymn "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" that provide a nice balance of tempos.

Then there's "Wait.. All Day", which instantly grabbed my ear and heart. It reminds the believer that we should wait on God and stay the course. The lyrical content, vocals, and the overall feel of the song makes it a standout track.

"For My Good" has that good gospel feel and Pugh is accompanied by Beverly Crawford who brings it all the way home on the drive, with ad-libs that only she could deliver.

The up-tempo tracks on this project make you want to move, clap your hands, lift your voice and get into the song. "You Deserve It" is hard-hitting and smooth all at the same time. "Free to Worship" exudes a jazzy flare, giving the listener a slightly different flavor, yet still reflective of the musical style of Earnest Pugh. "He Already Knows", rounds out the project bringing a more urban contemporary sound to the project. The album wraps up by the first single off of the project "Perfect Peace".

For the listener that loves traditional gospel with a little contemporary flare, this is a perfect fit for your musical taste. It's a great body of work, chock full of substantive lyrics, great vocals, and musicianship. You'll want to clap your hands, move side to side, and shed a few tears. Check out Earnestly Yours today.

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Production: Michael Bereal, Marque Walker
album release date: June, 2011
BlackSmoke Music Worldwide, EPM Music Group

— reviewed by Nakiyah Hayling

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