Earnest Pugh
Live: Rain on Us

EPM Music Group/ Black Smoke Music artist Earnest Pugh bring us his next release, the 17 track, Earnest Pugh Live: Rain on Us that shows growth, maturity and consistency in his ministry.

This live session brings an anointed experience of prayer, praise, worship, and prophetic impartation that brings the church right into your home. CD  The album begins with an introduction from Bishop Lester Love, who prepares the precipitation of blessings that soon come after the first song "Oh Lord We Worship You". Pugh then masterfully continues the praise party with "The Great I Am". Give it at least 35 seconds and you will see why this will be the next song your church choir learns at practice.

Listening to the already popular title track "Rain on Us" will remind you of The Maestro, Minister Thomas Whitfield. The first phrase captivates the listeners in a way reminiscent of the romanticized "All I Need" by Whitfield. Pugh sings this prayer with such passion that makes you want to look to the hills and ask "Lord when is it going to rain?"

Other standout tracks include the rest of the album. That's right, this is one that you can press play and not worry about running into a song that you don't like. Each will move, inspire and minister.

As an added bonus, gospel veteran Vanessa Bell Armstrong is given the vamp and reprise of the traditionally flavored "My Rock". Armstrong handles this so well that Pugh tells her to "don't real high because I might run around the building."

If that doesn't make you run out and get this album, Pugh does a cover of Richard Smallwood's "Healing" who he lets close the song in a way that only Smallwood can do: with studied precision.

Rain on Us is a classic sure to top the charts. This is not just a good album but a Gospel great that brings innovation to contemporary gospel music.

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Production: Michael Bereal
album release date: July 28, 2009
EPM Music Group/ Black Smoke Music

— review by Terrance Bradford

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