Earnest Pugh

Earnest Pugh
The W.I.N. Experience - Worship In Nassau

Known for such powerful worship anthems such as "I Need Your Glory", and "Rain On Us", Earnest Pugh returns with The W.I.N. Experience.

With "W.I.N." standing for "Worship In Nassau", the project was recorded live during the 2013 One Love Getaway cruise, during the stop-over in The Bahamas. Pugh took the stage to deliver 11 powerful tracks in front of a sold out crowd on the island.

CDAfter weeks of rigorous rehearsals and enlisting some of the top singers and musicians in the industry, The W.I.N. Experience brings a fresh vibe and sound to contemporary praise and worship music. The album commemorates Pugh's 20 years in ministry and 15 years in the music industry.

If the music department at your local church is in need of fresh material, then this is would be the answer. Filled with accessible material that will take local assemblies to a higher place of praise and worship, Pugh's vocal approach is that of a worship leader, with his signature vocal styling shining through, and complimenting the arrangements eloquently.

Pugh enlists label mates Vincent Tharpe and Kenosis on background vocals, and the group delivers pitch-perfection. Cedric Thompson's expert hand at production is evident from start to finish on this consistently feel-good worship album.

Songs such as, " I Praise Your Name", "Everybody Lift Him", and " We Worship You", are sure to become fan favorites with their catchy lyrics and beats. Worship anthems are a staple of Pugh's repertoire, and he adds songs such as "More of You" and "The Lord Is Here" to his set.

Rance Allen joins in on "All Things Through Christ" and gives what Pugh calls a "D'Angelo" feel to balance the sound of the project.

The late great O'Landa Draper was instrumental to the success of Earnest Pugh. On the album Earnest explains how he mentored him and taught him so much about music and the industry. To pay tribute, he brings together Pastor Shirley Caesar, Lejeune Thompson, and Vincent Tharpe and Kenosis to breathe new life into some Draper classics.

Michelle Prather of The Kurt Carr Singers adds her stellar soprano vice to "Just When I Need Him Most" and, "Step Right In". J Moss rounds out the record adding some PAJAM to the album with the single "I Believe You Most".

The Worship In Nassau Experience is guaranteed to be a great addition to every believer's collection, chock filled with groundbreaking church anthems that will be sung for generations to come.

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Production: Cedric Thompson
album release date: September 17, 2013
P-Mann Music

— review by Martin Williams

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