Bishop Eddie Long and Friends
The Kingdom, Vol. 1, featuring GW's

Bishop Eddie Long gathers together some friends to deliver The Kingdom, Vol. 1, Featuring GW's, a project produced entirely by James E. Jones that is geared toward both the churched and the unchurched.

CD  Tye Tribbett guests on "Down with the King", a song with a retro-Hip Hop vibe. Tribbett does his best to recall the vibe of Slick Rick and other storytellers of the 80's and 90 to help accent this banger.

On, "God Has Brought Has Through", the GW's continue the old school vibe with some old fashioned singing, but with a beat that is great for the speakers. Telling how God brought the black race through, "from the deep south to the White House", the song succeeds despite some occasional pitch issues from the female lead on the bridge ad libs.

"Since I Found You" features some great singing from the GW trio; they smoothly and coolly sing in unison expressing their gratitude for their salvation. Jones provides a dance hall type beat on "We Believing" while the GW's talk of staying strong amidst economic problems and personal problems.

Lead single "Righteous Forsaken", is one of only two ballads on the album, and is soothing and encouraging. Dorinda Clark-Cole shows her versatility on "Wrapped Up in You", with GW's vocals chill and just right while the music is toned down enough to let Dorinda do her thing (minus the signature scatting).

"Give God Something" features Mary Mary in a midtempo praise jam; the duo almost take a back seat some great choral vocals from the GW's.

The Kingdom is a good introduction for the GW's. With encouraging messages and bangers, there's something for everything here.

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Production: James Jones
album release date: May, 2009

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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