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Eddie Ruth Bradford
Jesus Is Coming Back

With a soulful heart and old school flair, traditional Gospel vocalist Eddie Ruth Bradford returns with her latest album, Jesus Is Coming Back.

Bradford first came to the attention of the Gospel scene when she delivered the quartet-styled, "Too Close to the Mirror" from the album of the same name, continuing with last year's project, Reflections.

CD  Here she continues in much the same vein. Jesus Is Coming Back is chock full of those classic songs that many grew up on. Bradford states that "the title track 'Jesus Is Coming Back' delivers a contemporary message of hope in these uncertain times". Indeed, it sets the tone and pace for the album, putting you in the mindset of the traditional church, where the pastor, deacons, and choir would get together and sing hymns.

All the songs included on this project (with the exception of two), are hymns that the generation before us would indulge in. And as Bradford declares, "God has allowed my music ministry to cross all generational, racial and cultural gaps". The arrangements and vocals encourage meditation and self-reflection, taking you to the foundation of your relationship with Christ.

Production and background vocals were produced by longtime collaborator Luther Lackey; he successfully maintains that signature old school sound throughout the album, generating continuity as Bradford embarks on her musical journey.

Get ready for a trip down memory lane with songs such as, "No Not One", "The Last Mile Of the Way", "When He Calls Me", and "Jesus Loves Me". Call it a return to roots as Bradford pays homage to traditional Gospel and adds her unique vocal styling to some of America's most loved Gospel songs.

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Production: Luther Lackey
album release date: July, 2010
Eddie Ruth Bradford Music

— review by Martin Williams

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