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Eddie Ruth Bradford

Back with her third release, native Mississippian Eddie Ruth Bradford brings us Reflections, a 10 track traditional album released on the artist's own label, Eddie Ruth Bradford Music, that will "take you back" with covers of some old and familiar favorites.

CD  The album begins with "Your Reflection," an original song written by Bradford and Luther Lackey that sets the tone for a ride down to the Mississippi Delta, its title playing off her big hit from earlier this decade ("Too Close To The Mirror").

Once she gets you there, Ms. Bradford hands you a hefty plate of southern soul with her rendition of "Leak in This Old Building" that truly does the song justice. Bradford's big alto voice makes you realize how people were able to bear the heat of those old country churches with no air conditioning. The music was just that good!

"I Know it Was the Blood," and "Near the Cross" make you feel right at home —but the stand-out track of the album sure to please is "Walk with Me." Here, Bradford steers clear of changing the music to fit the times. Rather she does it right and makes the time fit the music.

Many try to sing these old songs but Bradford is one who gets the job done by actually "sangin'" them.

Staying true to self, her roots and her anointing, Bradford presents an album that will be a favorite, bringing needed attention to traditional gospel music.

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  • "Pass Me Not" -- Click To Listen

  • "Walk With Me" -- Click To Listen

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Production: Luther Lackey
album release date: July, 2009
Eddie Ruth Bradford Music

— review by Terrance Bradford

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