In the body of Christ there are people who are called to be blunt.

There are those who try to be blunt, but they don’t tell the truth in love like the God tells us to. Then there are people like T.D. Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Eddie Long, Joyce Meyer, Tonéx and many others who have a gift of setting people free by their blunt delivery.

Add Enock to that list.

CDThis is the same Enock that used to be with The Cross Movement The emcee battled with some issues (including a confessed sexual addiction). After a move to Houston, God restored the gifted emcee, and he has released his solo debut with Much Luvv Records entitled AWEthentic.

Enock delivers an impressive solo debut that is chock full of his usual flow, some dance tracks, rugged hip hop beats and songs of honesty and restoration.

It all gets started with the banging “Liberation”. Stikk, who handles most of the production on the album, lays down a dope, but simple beat, which allows Enock to express his new liberation in Christ.

Issues of sexual addiction are tackled on “Truth Be Told”, a song that explains Enock’s struggles and the fact that everyone has something that they deal with. Enock comes back with “Runnin” telling how he is running away from temptation and from women who wear revealing clothing in church. This song has some nice strings and a nice mid-tempo beat that makes this song repeat-worthy.

Interview with Enock
Enock "The Gospel itself is offensive, we don't have to make the Gospel [more] offensive. In our piety and arrogance and knowledge of the Word, we become more offensive than the Gospel is. That's where I think we have a serious problem in Holy Hip Hop, because we don't know how to talk to people...."

Full interview with Enock.

Insider Interview with Enock.

“We” and “Next Up” are the hot dance tracks on AWEthentic. Labelmate Tre-9 and Joi join Enock on “We”, as they explain their confidence in Christ. This is over Stikk’s track laced with some Middle Eastern synth rhythms. The whole Much Luvv roster (Cy, Tre-9, Mark J and Col Cutz) then steps in on “Next Up”, demonstrating that the entire label is ready to take the message of Christ to the masses.

Stikk lays down a rugged and raw beat on “Who R U” as Enock tackles the issue of people criticizing rappers for not using enough scripture in their lyrics. He wants people to know that he will rap the way that God wants him to rap.

“Still Here” is a autobiographical song about the trials and tribulations of Juan James’ (aka Enock) upbringing. Phillip “Dunkenstein” Moore provides the music on what could easily be an R&P track.

This debut album is just what the title says it is —AWEthentic. Enock does not bite his tongue, but it is all for the sake of setting people free and letting people know that God can restore after falling in sin.

This is an absolutely essential album for those looking for real hip hop and honesty in the body of Christ.

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Producer: Stick
album release date: late 2003
Much Luvv Records

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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