Eric Cross
The Signature

At first glance, you might think Eric Cross was a professional basketball player ready to get in the game and dunk on someone. E. Cross is, in fact, "going hard in the paint", but for Christ as an emcee focused on a mission to win souls.

After his debut Art of Composition release on Beatmart Records, he returns on his own label to deliver The Signature.

CD  The introduction, "Main Event" is a banger that does not last enough, but E. Cross packs a powerful punch in the 1 minute and 35 seconds that allots himself.

The title track is a song about what his mission really is: to "live for the Son" as he follows His demonstration. The beat is one of those simple Hip Hop 101 beats— mid tempo boom bip with no bells or whistles. Twyla drops a dope beat and sample on "Understand" while E. Cross drops metaphors and similes without a hook.

The Signature is devoid of the high energy dance tracks, but E. Cross does bring an assortment of straight Hip Hop beats and beats from the dirty south. For those who like the slowed down joints with the down South feel, peep out the "The King", a song encouraging listeners to get to know Jesus.

The heat continues on "Supernatural"; this time D Maub joins in on a song with music a little reminiscent of Lil Wayne's "Lolipop", but that is where the comparison ends as Maub and Cross combine to remind people to live a life not dependent on natural circumstances. Thus properly taking the title, "Supernatural" as Who to focus on.

Nod your head to "Take Up Your Cross" and enjoy C Moe as he totally wrecks his verse. E. Cross offers a verse a cappella, challenging us to really get into "the game". Fellow emcees K Drama, Brinson, and Unique offer their two cents on "Die Slow", but do not overlook the flippin' of the tongue flow by E. Cross. Get your stamps ready because this one is a certified banger!!

Eric Cross has grown tremendously as an emcee and is one of the warriors on the frontline encouraging others to get serious about God. Go out and grab The Signature.

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Production: E. Cross
album release date: October, 2009

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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