Erick Matthews
No Fear In Me

If ever an album could be labeled a true "comeback" album, it would have to be No Fear In Me.

Erick Matthews CDErick Matthews released a solo project under the Verity flag back in 1997. This new project, —his Crystal Rose debut —goes beyond ‘next level’ and redefines him, cementing him as a trendsetter.

No Fear in Me is aptly titled as Matthews employs twelve powerful tracks to empower the believer and wage a full scale war against the enemy. One listen to the opening cut and it's easy to see that Matthews indeed is fearless. Titled "Survival", the hook says it all.

"It's all about survival
in this spiritual war that we're fighting in
Though it gets hard, ain't no stopping
till we reach the promised land"

—from "Survival"

The album's decidely urban edge supports the fervor and sincerity of Matthews' efforts, which are laced with strong tracks and "in your face" lyrics. And some of the most soul-soaked singing and stellar production polish to appear on disc this year.

A prime example of all of these traits is the lead single, "Get Out My Face". It’s a declaration to the devil, telling him that he has no place in the face of the believer. The powerful chorus empowers the believer to walk in the total victory that Christ has given.

Erick MatthewsIt's also noteworthy to mention Matthews' ‘remix’ of the cut, a much slowed down version of the track featuring his sister Drea Randle. The feel here is reminiscent of the award-winning remix of Kelly Price's "Friend of Mine" (featuring Ron Isley).

Matthews speaks with a confidence, indicating that he's ready to fight the devil and willing to go to battle with bold soldiers, or by himself if necessary. On "War Clothes", he enlists the services of hip-hop soldiers Prime Minister and Christ Fa Real. Their mic cameos are enthusiastic ‘kick devil butt’ demonstrations.

In addition to several awesome up-tempo war cries, the project finds a special balance with several appealing ballads. "Glory" speaks of the beauty of God's love and expresses that God is deserving of all glory and honor.

 Erick Matthews's sister is Drea Randle. Her debut project Ooo Wee was released in 1999 on Verity Records.

Click on the CD image above to check out the full review of Drea Randle's CD.
"Angel Song" gives you a glimpse of how the angels sing unto God. Complete with orchestral synth arrangements, you feel as though you've experienced a glimpse of Heaven.

Equally worthy is the balladic, "I Will Not Bow Down", where Matthews realizes and expresses his purpose and call. The song is noteworthy because personal testimony is integral to it; he tells how Satan tried to alter his course and destroy his destiny. Matthews also boldly declares his mission to win the lost in the face of the traditions of man.

It's rare that a project is as bold and direct as this. Blasting the enemy lyrically and musically at every opportunity, Matthews shows that not only does he have incredible vocal skills, but the he can also write, arrange and produce, for he does that on every single song.

Make no mistake, Erick Matthews is prophet of the new millenium who fears no enemy and is ready to lead the nation into war with the enemy. This album will inspire you to take up the charge and defeat our evil foe.

Producers: Erick Matthews, Coleridge Tillman, Terrence Harper, Shawn Martin
album release date: July, 2001
Crystal Rose Records

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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