Evelyn Turrentine-Agee
It's Already Done

Evelyn Turrentine-Agee marks her AIR Gospel debut with her storied rasp-laden vocal style. No surprises here, she revels in the same traditional vein that has catapulted her to the top of the genre.

Joining the Detroit singer on the project, titled It's Already Done, are a seasoned crew of vocalists and instrumentalists, kindling musical fires and memorable embers that keep flaring throughout the album's fifteen tracks.

Sons Curtis Jr. and Harold add considerable musical flair, Curtis on lead guitar and with his song and engineering skills, and Harold on instruments and songwriting. CD On the hard-edged "Thank You", Harold adds judicious ad lib commentary over his slicing guitar and mom's driving vocals.

"Brand New Blessing" is another traditional cut that showcases some innovative call and response style from Turrentine-Agee's longtime vocal ensemble, The Warriors. Also in this camp are the title track and "You Did It Again".

Switching to a softer approach, "Hide The Word" meanders in ballad style with Turrentine-Agee contemplating the importance of keeping God's word close to heart as The Warriors echo in response. Charles Craig's bass anchors the down-tempo "Living Beneath My Privilege", a song which recognizes our complete reliance on Jesus Christ.

While most of the fifteen songs on the CD are originals, the few covers are memorable as well. "Come Back Home" is a warm Eddie Howard song that Turrentine-Agee treats wonderfully in duet with an uncredited male voice. Two standards ("I Surrender All" and "I Recommend Jesus") complete the mix.

Original songs, great delivery and stellar production from Gloster Williams and The College of Musical Knowledge make It's Already Done commendable.

Producer: Gloster Williams and The College of Musical Knowledge, Curtis Turrentine Jr. and Ed Armstead III, Harold Turrentine
album release date: February, 2003
AIR Gospel

— review by Stan North

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