Soul Interpretations

Excelsior is back with a new release titled Soul Interpretations.

This album comes less than 12 months after their successful debut from June 2001, God @ Work, which earned the choir the Best New Artist award at the 2002 Stellar Awards.

 CDWould that serve to be too much pressure for the Minnesota-based aggregation? Not at all. If anything, it's served as an inspiration to the choir as they hit us with 12 new tracks that remind us of why we loved them in the first place.

This adventure features a splendid mix of traditional and contemporary choral offerings that aims to find favor with both the novice and the experienced listener. Enlisting the production talents of F. Darnell Davis and Brian Kendrick, Excelsior continues to deliver choral excellence coupled with outstanding vocal range.

While this is a studio album, the majority of songs on this project features live instruments and more of a traditional choral feel. Songs such as "None Like You", "I am  ExcelsiorGrateful", and "Fall on Me" establish a worship-filled atmosphere and welcome the presence of the Lord into your situation.

That live instrumentation enhances the energy and the power that are trademarks of Excelsior are not lost. The leadoff cut, titled "It's My Time" will make you jam while reminding you that it's your time to receive the promises of God. "I'll Trust You" is another choral gem that begins with a laidback reggae feel and morphs into a down-home progressional drive that accents our sincere desire to trust God.

One of Excelsior's trademarks is their originality, and they do not disappoint on that aspect here. "The Blood (Never Loses Its Power)" is funky and a throwback to the James Brown era. Appearing mid-album, itís a high energy song that signals Excelsior's segue from traditional offerings to their more urban submissions.

Excelsior's Debut CD
CD Excelsior entered nationally in 2001 with God@Work, and subsequently won the Stellar Award for Best New Artist.

Check the album review.
"All of My Heart" is highlighted by special spoken word vocals from Patrice Dorrall, who takes us from church to straight jazz poetry with an extremely smooth flow.

If that's not enough, the project ends with "Brand New Day" which plays on the fusion of rock and hip-hop. David Hurst brings energy and raw vocals reminiscent of Goodie Mob's Cee-lo Green to the track, setting the praise party into high gear.

Exclesior is no flash-in-the-pan. We already know that God is at work with them, and one listen to their Soul Interpretations reveals that they are indeed music to our ears.

Producers: F. Darnell Davis, Brian Kendrick, Tanabe Gatlin
album release date: May 21, 2002
Verity Records

ó reviewed by Gerard Bonner ó

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