La Familia Muzik
Greetings Earthlings

La Familia Muzik is a group of artists out of Florida from different church denominations that have put aside their minor differences in doctrine to create an musical aggregation ready to reach the masses.

CD Consisting of rappers SYD, G-86 and Foolish along with singers, Ryan Horton, Adam Gilley, their new compilation album, Greetings Earthlings, is a release full of high energy dance tracks heavy on electronica, techno and Hip Hop with a hint of R&B.

Gilley and Foolish tackle most of the production with additional production from G-Styles, J Pierre, Don Tony and Big D.

The G-Styles-produced lead single, "I Give It To You" features each artist sharing their ways in which they give their lives for God. This techno/dance track also blazes when they slow down into a banger.

Ryan Horton is a praise and worship leader/crooner who is a highlight of this "Familia". On "Reward", Horton sings a vertical song to God while having a fun (not annoying) use of the Autotune to give him an out of space song. The energy is taken up several notches when D Maub's spits a few rhymes (rapid pace) the way that only he and a few others can.

Horton then teams up with fellow vocalist Lisa McClendon to create sheer magic with "Hurricane". This ballad deserves several listens.

Foolish brings a more pop alternative edge to the roster. He deals with the way we fight with God and surrendering to Him with the mid tempo ditty, "Tonight". Foolish produces this one and enlists the help of Hilton Burkholder to play bass, acoustic and lead guitars.

Foolish's , "Crash Me Down" is such a beautiful and heartfelt song marrying electronica sound with pop styled worship.

It is obvious that putting people on the dance floor while still giving them some words of edification is a priority of this compilation project. Nomad gets things pumping with the fitting "Alien", a jam about not being "of this world" when giving your life to Christ and being carried away when He comes back. The only gripe about "Alien" is that there are starting to be too many Christian Hip Hop songs of the same name. SYD delivers "Let Us Go", with Adam Gilley handling the track. It is great to hear Gammage bring his gritty rap and signature laugh to "breathe" more life into Foolish's "Oxygen".

While Greetings Earthlings perhaps has few too many similar-sounding tracks, there are several songs to enjoy and it is great to see this diverse group of artists unite to bring a solid release.

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Production: various
album release date: May, 2010

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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