Gary Anglin
I'm Healed

We are in a time musically where there is always something fresh and innovative. Each week we are being introduced to a new artist that brings a certain flair and style. The blessing is in the variety and Gospel music is beginning to offer something for everyone. New artists are emerging with their own unique sound, direction and focus.

One artist in particular, while he may be new to some, is very much aware of his calling and walks in it well. With a soulful and jazzy message of healing and restoration, Gary Anglin presents I'm Healed.

CD When asked about the purpose of creating this project, Anglin says that it is to share with those "that need to be encouraged". The album stays focused on Ecclesiastes 9:11, proclaiming that God has equipped his people to handle any obstacle that comes their way.

The listener is welcomed into the project experience with the kicking off cut "We Welcome You", a mid tempo, brightly colored song that Anglin uses to invite in God's presence. It's reminiscent of a classic opener to start a praise worship, and could be easily added into a praise set.

There's nothing like a traditional hymn, and an artist that can bring something new to it while respecting the original content is a plus. Anglin brings a very soulful and laid-back groove to, "It Is Well", while incorporating the original melody of the song towards the end.

"I'm Healed" is the title track of the project, penned by Anglin with producer Craig Crawford. It's a personal testimony of what God has done and it denounces sickness and doubt. Crawford's performance on the harmonica is refreshing.

The classics keep rolling in with a praise medley of classics such as "What He's Done for Me", "His Name is Wonderful/How Great Thou Art", "Because He Lives", and "He Touched Me".

The rich and convincing tone in this album is guarantied to reach down and touch the soul of a heart needing to hear the message. Gary Anglin presents the message unashamed.

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Production: Craig Crawford
album release date: Nov, 2010
Life Jam Records

— reviewed by Martin Williams

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