George Huff

Arguably, America's most popular talent search is American Idol. Now in its eighth season, the show has produced a bevy of talented singers that have gone on to success in varying genres.

One of the brightest young talents from this series is Season 3 finalist, George Huff. The New Orleans native, whose impeccable vocals and comical nature captured the hearts of a nation with his debut, Miracles in 2005. Now he returns with his sophomore self-titled release, a twelve-track effort that showcases growth, maturity, and outstanding music.

CD  Huff makes several changes with this new project. This album is the first for Huff on E1 Music (formerly Koch Records) and sees Huff enlisting the assistance of gospel super-producer Aaron Lindsey, whose production genius laces the first half of this effort. Huff also enlists up and coming producer Jamiene "J-Skills" Thompson, who adds a decidedly urban vibe to this effort, handling the second half of the project.

From the first note of this effort, it becomes abundantly clear that Huff has a new vocal confidence and command in his presentation. Grasping a more assertive posture, Huff has found his voice and sings with a newfound authority. Producer Lindsey's influence shines on the connected "Victory" and "Mighty Is Your Name". The funky and highly syncopated praise tracks are easy Sunday morning favorites, heralding the victory of the believer and the power of God while showcasing Huff in the light of worship leader.

Don't miss the amazing "He Can", the first track co-written by Huff. This is a guaranteed hit. Just prepare to hit the repeat button on this one!!

Huff shows no fear of diversity, authentically and effortlessly flipping from reggae ("Here With Me") to old soul ("Turn It Around") and everywhere in between. Huff's urban vibe is strong with the amazing mid-tempo jam "I Belong To You (Yours)". Sharing his personal dedication to God through this urban application definitely works for Huff on this track. His current radio single "Don't Let Go" gets an extended version on the album. The urban-tinged ballad offers encouragement and empowerment during life's challenges and situations.

The album's lone vocal collaboration sees Huff partner with the legendary Cheryl "Coko" Clemons of SWV fame and Sunday Best finalist Tasha Collins on the funky "Destiny". The three vocalists form a vocal dream team, skillfully blending their lead vocals for an incredible musical experience designed to empower listeners to move full force into their purpose.

Without question, Huff has rendered an outstanding effort with this sophomore release. Blending musical and vocal maturity with a new-found authority, Huff boldly declares his love for God with an undeniably infectious passion. This album is easily one of the top releases of 2009 and is deserving of prime real estate in your music catalogue.

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Production: Aaron Lindsey, Jamiene "J-Skills" Thompson
album release date: April, 2009
E1 Music

— review by Gerard Bonner

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