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God's Image

In a genre where the urban male vocal group is becoming a rarity, comes the youthful spirit and exuberance of God's Image.

Affectionately known as GI, Branden Anderson, Marlon Anderson, Lamonte Harris, and Curtis Langley have come together with the design of bringing vocal harmony and unity back into the game. With roots in Richmond, Virginia, the four-man crew releases their self-titled debut project, a thirteen-track effort filled with tracks designed to reach the masses.

"We want to touch every audience that we possibly can," says Branden Anderson. "We're telling people specifically how to live everyday life as a Christian."

CD  Handling production duties for the project is famed producer Derek "DC" Clark, who puts his hand to seven of the album's thirteen tracks.

"We actually met 'DC' through MySpace," shares Anderson. "When we heard his music on there, we were deciding which producer we wanted to use. One of my industry colleagues thought he would be a good fit for us. We contacted him. In two weeks, we were in Tacoma, Washington recording. When we walked out of the session, we were ecstatic about what we had done with Derek. We knew from that record that we made a great connection. Different artists have different producers that they work with. He is one that we'll be working with for some time to come."

Clark adds his trademark urban vibe to the album, creating an extremely polished vibe to the effort. GI members Branden Anderson and Lamonte Harris wear the production hats for "You're The One" and the infectious "Go Crazy".

The group members are also avid songwriters, penning all but two tracks on the album.

"All of us write," says Marlon Anderson. "The process for us depends on whether or not we hear music first or words that are on our heart. Whichever way God takes us through the process is the way that we continue to create the song."

photo One of the high points of the effort is the transparency and accessibility of GI's material. This is most evidenced in the track "Temptation", which addresses the challenges of singlehood and maintaining integrity in the face of temptation.

"We remember that it's not about us at all," says Curtis Langley. "We are just a tool that God is using. Our trials will help other people have victory and triumph over their situations. We realize that nobody is perfect. When you just 'fess up and be real about it, we can share how we overcome. We can share how we have victory."

Well written and expertly presented, this track is a definite keeper. Check out other contagious tracks like "I Promise" and "Get Up".

Vocal excellence is another strong element of this effort. Check out the a capella "Thank You", which showcases the clear and air-tight harmonies of the group.

GI takes that same vocal excellence and applies it to two significant covers. The group shows their ability to authentically alter their style covering Ashford & Simpson's "Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand" and Kirk Franklin's "Silver and Gold". Both do justice to the originals, while highlighting the group's vocal dexterity.

Without question, God's Image is one of the industry's brightest new talents. Definitely add this effort to your collection.

Audio Downloads Listen to the audio provided below. Audio tracks are available in RealAudio format (click logo below to listen. Click To Listen)
  • "Temptation" -- Click To Listen

  • "Go Crazy" -- Click To Listen

  • "Silver and Gold" -- Click To Listen

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Production: Derek Clark, Marlon Anderson, Lamonte Harris, Gordon Campbell
album release date: April, 2009
BGA Music Group

— review and interview by Gerard Bonner

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