Dichotomy B

They are back again with their second release in six months.

On Dichotomy B (the sequel to Dichotomy A, see album review), GRITS don't stray away from the niche that they have found —the jams for the Dirty South, black or white, and the hard-hitting messages.

CD"If I" is a CZ-produced song with a tight-beat and a variety of keyboard samples. Bonafide and Coffee are here trying to minister to someone who has got in over their head in the rap game.

GRITS have always found a way to include one of their label mates to sing the hook on a song. This time they enlist the help of Grammy-nominated Sarah Kelly on "Wanna Be With You".

Long-time GRITS producers Incorporated Elements handle that side of things, giving this cut a nice, feel-good sound to go with the message of the joys of marriage.

Labelmates Mars Ill join GRITS on the rapcore-tinged "We Don't Play". The lyrics are still classic GRITS and Mars Ill, but the music is dominated by Otto Price and Rob Hawkins' guitar respectively. In the middle of the song, it does flip into a dancehall melody. Manchild impresses as he raps over a beat that is not usual for a Mars Ill songs.

GRITSGRITS have also mastered the art of the rapid-fire lyrical delivery. "On My Way" is a prime example. Bonafide and Coffee address the blessing on the journey that God has placed them on, while thanking those who have helped them to get where they are now.

"Feel My Flow" has GRITS continuing in that vein of rapid-fire lyric spitting. Ric Robbins provides a beat that is unique in its drum pattern. It works.

GRITS want people to realize just how intoxicating being a child of God is on "Saved Soul". The one criticism of this jam is that it is too short. Give us an extended version!

The duo slows things down with the thought-provoking "There I Go". Each emcee candidly talk about some of the tribulations of being in the game for this long. Brandi Sellars smoothly weaves her vocals throughout this one.

For those who just want to dance, check out the Pettidee-produced "U Want It". This is the song that could rip up the club, and yet is innocent enough to grace childrens and youth dance teams' repertoires at churches around the country.

GRITS again show that they are far from slowing down, and that they are relevant with the times. Keep it coming guys.

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Producer: Quest
album release date: November, 2004
Gotee Records

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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