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Rhema Soul
Change My Lyfe

Remember when R&B male groups were running rampant on MTV, BET, and other outlets? Remember when everyone and their friends wanted to have a group that mimics such groups as 112, Boys II Men, Blackstreet, Jodeci and more?

Half Mile Home are a quintet with the edge of those R&B groups, but with a 2010 swing, all wrapped up in the message of the Gospel. They drop their newest release, Change My Lyfe, with production from members Ty Traxx and Weezie.

CD"Anything" is a New Jack Swing number that brings a subtle syncopated beat while the ballad "Even" is soothing as the guys sing of their gratitude for God's mercy and love in the midst of their mistakes.

The title track speaks of total desperation for God to change the lives of the members of the group. They mix in a nice blend of raspy vocals and their harmonies shine.

Although the project as an R&B edge, Half Mile Home retain songs that traditional Gospel lovers will enjoy, and include phrases that we still hear today from our parents and grandparents. "This Far" does just that with the chorus "He didn't bring me this far... to leave me". The energy is high throughout with Anthony "Amp" Parker bringing the heat. The guys go straight quartet style with some 80's funk sprinkled on the hand-clapping "Won't Let Him Go".

The autotune gets a little love on "Why" as the guys question why they leave God's side while realizing there is no better place for them to be. It is great to be able to nod your head while enjoying their joyful story on... what else... "Testimony".

You won't regret taking a chance on Half Mile Home.

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Production: various
album release date: March, 2010

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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