Hector Soto
Hopelessly Devoted

With a voice suited to soulful balladry, Hector Soto debuts with a 10-track solo studio project on West coast based Baywind Music Group.

Soto has warm and soothingly soulful voice that is taylored for praise balladry. Honing in on this strength, and supported by the mastery of musicianship that includes Joel Smith (pulling a double shift on both drums and bass), guitarist John "Jubu" SmithHector Soto CD and keyboard specialists Aaron Lopez and Derrick Hall, Hopelessly Devoted qualifies as one of those sleeper-type projects that make you kick yourself if you don't check it out.

Bringing his considerable soloing experience with The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and NorCal Mass to the table, Soto excels at interpreting contmporary praise and worship favorites such as "More Of Your Glory" and "Ain't Gonna Let No Rocks". The Spanish/English "Porque Dios", with a acoustic, light jazz instrumental flair underneath vocals, is also refreshed to success.

Other cuts on the project are well-done covers of "Take Care" from the late Raymond Miles, and David Meece's "God Holds The Future".

The strongest inclusions on the album are the three originals from Soto himself. Combining poignant lyricism and re-phrased scripture, this is where his tenor pipes pour out worship from the heart with a passion and a fervor that creates brings us into the Throne room. The lyrics of "Weeping Heart" go as:

Weeping heart weep no more
Jesus is waiting to embrace you
There is shelter in his arms
Weeping heart, you'll never have to spend
Another sleepless night alone...

Great production (from Aaron Lopez), good songs —wonderful album from Hector Soto.

Producer: Aaron Lopez
album release date: March, 2001
Baywind Music Group

reviewed by Stan North

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