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Hip Hope 2009

Gotee's Hip Hope CD's have become a fixture over the years. With Hip Hope 2009, DJ Maj serves as A&R Director; give him credit for assembling a great cast of artists. The subject of the songs range from serious (self-mutilation) to the fun.

New MC, Proxy, gets help from reggae artist Stefan the Scientist and Verbs (who ripped his verse) in the banging "My".

On "Bottom of the Ninth", B. Reith and Knine speak of the importance to reach out to the lost in these last days. B. Reith has a delivery that is part rapping and part singing which is catchy.

CD  J Remy brings a serious message song in "Cut Me" about a teenager who is cutting themself to deal with life as an adolescent. Take a listen to this one.

There are also treats on the ends of a few of the songs, including a crazy verse from Braille, a swagger-filled interlude from Pro and something hot from Othello. "Calculator Watch" by Pigeon John is so catchy with the usual funny lyrics from Pigeon. This has a beat that is simple, but oh-so-potent —and some keyboard work that sounds like it came straight from a Casio. Like Pigeon John or not, this one is the truth.

Shonlock's "Avert" is a multi-layered and complex song which one might think is just another fun song, but is actually about encouraging people to turn away from their sins and recognize the sense of urgency with the second coming of Jesus Christ. He enlists the help of V3, (which includes his wife) and Canton Jones as they change the beat and music a few times throughout the cut.

Canton Jones contributes "I Call Him G.O.D." which is a down south banger. It's self explanatory and celebratory in nature, and is garnering some buzz in addition to generating a great deal of radio attention.

On "Gimme Dapp", Pettidee does what Pettidee does best —bring the heat. The message is subtle, but he is asking people to enjoy the freedom of Christ that he has.

Washington Projects bring the dance worthy jam, "Come Back to Me" while newcomer Jade brings a pop/urban ditty, "Be Myself".

Infectious and catchy describe "Higher", from by dancehall/reggae specialist Stefan the Scientist. He describes how Jesus keeps him strong in the midst of all of the things that are going on in the world.

There is so much to enjoy on Hip Hope 2009, and there really is something for everyone.

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Production: Various
album release date: May, 2009
Gotee Records

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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