The iNDI1st Project...Breakthrough

In an effort to break forth into the Urban Gospel Music scene, X-Posure Entertainment artist iNDIGO sends a piece of her heart through the 12 track album, The iNDI1st Project... Breakthrough.

Perhaps youíve already heard her. Youíve been riding in the car, listening to GospelJamz 104 or some other Gospel station, and noticed this urban version of the old hand CD  clapping song "Search My Heart." Oh come on! You know, the one that says "You know Lord, whether Iím right..." Yeah, yeah, that one with the funky groove that simply petitions "Take it Away!"

Playing incognito, iNDIGO got into your stereo!

The album begins with this already popular track and gets the listener ready for a uniquely groovy experience. Stand out tracks to please the urban crowd also include "Want Heaven" and "Calling for You." Both of these make you bob your head, tap your feet, and at times get up out of your seat.

The interesting thing about this artist is her ability to seamlessly transition from a groove to a praise. At one moment you are grooving, then shouting "AMEN!" in agreement while listening to "Saved and Fly". The next minute you might find your eyes closed while being ministered to through the song "Jehovah God". (Be careful before you listen to that one. She will catch you off guard towards the end...)

Thereís a hint of influence here from artists like Debra Killings and Lisa McClendon but iNDIGO performs a few experiments outside the urban/contemporary genre that gives her a style that is just as exceptional as her name.

Call this project a good introduction to a new artist (and producer. Her name appears on the credits of 8 songs). iNDIGO has the potential to wreak blessings in the gospel music industry.

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Production: Various Producers
album release date: Aug, 2009
X-Posure Entertainment

— review by Terrance Bradford

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