Isaac Carree
Uncommon Me

Isaac Carree is no stranger to the gospel music scene, having sung with the best. From his days with Pastor John P. Kee to being a member of Men Of Standard, to being a guest vocalist on Kirk Franklin projects, Carree is a familiar and welcomed voice.

Carree debuts his solo project, Uncommon Me, on the Sovereign Agency label, with a host of established producers and song writers lacing every track with a fresh, urban, and relevant sound. Antonio Dixon, Gerald Haddon, Warryn Campbell, and Eric Dawkins are just a few of the company that he surrounds himself with to create his sound.

CDWith a good mix of up-tempo and mid-tempo songs, Carree's tone and smooth vocal stylings mark the entire project, which features his own material as well as songs from writers such as Rodney East, Terrell King, Tommy Sims, James Fortune and Cheryl Fortune.

The project opens up with "Chances", a ballad penned and produced by Eric Dawkins. It's a simple song with a powerful message, with dominant elements being Carree's vocals and stringed instrumentation, allowing the listener to fully focus on the words being sung.

The project then jumps into the funky radio single, 'In The Middle", penned by Gerald Haddon and Tammi Haddon. Not only is it a hot track, but the lyrics are real and resonates with where many people find themselves.

The project includes a cover of the classic Andrae Crouch song "We Are Not Ashamed", with Pastor John P. Kee joining Carree to deliver a brilliant vocal presentation. Their voices in accord with the backing choir provide a great rendition of this beloved classic.

"Uncommon Me", the title track, flows with an R&B vibe and has hard-hitting lyrics. Carree's vocals fit perfectly with the vibe of the song, making it one of the stand-out tracks.

Other highlights include: "Simply Redeemed", "Power" featuring Eric Dawkins, "Navigation", and "I Worship You".

Overall, Uncommon Me gives the listener a good idea of Isaac Carree is as an artist and musical minister. He presents a great blend of sounds, but stays true to the core message of the gospel. The lyrical content is transparent, honest, and appealing to anyone that might be making key decisions about their faith.

If you're looking for a project that is solid musically and lyrically, this is the one for you.

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Production: Various
album release date: 2011
Sovereign Agency

— reviewed by Nakiyah Hayling

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