Israel Houghton and New Breed
Jesus At The Center

The element of live worship is like no other; the focus and goal is to capture the presence of God on CD in such a way that will live and be refreshing.

While live projects have always been popular in the gospel community, there are certain artists whose projects stand out, and Israel Houghton and New Breed is in that group.

Through the past ten years, they've given us the church anthems, "You Are Good", "Friend Of God", and "Not Forgotten". Now the group returns and this time they are CDbringing it back to the main focus... Jesus At The Center, a live-recorded two-disc worship project that belongs up there with New Breed's other double-disc classics: Live From Another Level and Alive in South Africa.

"Jesus The Same" kicks off the album and instantly gives you that authentic praise and worship that Israel Houghton is so gifted at bringing. With the world facing turbulent times, it's clear that Houghton is about bringing the church back to a state of worship. It's chock full of new church anthems that breathe fresh air into the genres of Gospel and praise and worship.

As usual, New Breed delivers excellence in production (with both Houghton and Aaron Lindsey at the helm) and band work and arrangements. Quick and swift melodies, catchy phrases, and superb arrangements will live in your heart. Houghton incorporates today's top music artists into his worship experience, as Pastor Jason Nelson and James Fortune join him on "It's Not Over (When God Is In It)", a powerful song of remembrance of God's faithfulness. The signature delivery of rapper T-Bone graces the ultra-infectious "Te Amo".

Get ready to take a stroll down memory lane on the medleys of "You Hold My World in Your Hands".

The title track has lyrics that simply say "From my heart to the heaven, Jesus be the center", and as a believer, it is our constant prayer to keep the Lord at the forefront of our lives. Let your worship and praise be infused, rejuvenated, and focused with Jesus At The Center.

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Production: Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey
album release date: August 14, 2012
Integrity Music

— review by Martin Williams

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